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The first stage of the competition “The best teacher of the university”

The first stage of the intra-university competition “The best teacher of the university” lasted until November 30 of this year. Since 187 full-time faculty members work in our educational institution, 4 professors-teachers, as a rule, have the opportunity to participate as winners in the 2nd republican stage of the competition.

In order to determine the winners of this competition held at the university, the expert group approved the composition of the commission.

  1. Doszhan R. – Professor of the Department of Languages, Chairman of the Commission;

  2. Syzdykov B. Sh. – Head of SIC;

  3. Yskak Begman – Head of the Department of Pedagogy;

  4. Ospanova R. Zh. – Head of the Department of Technology and Informatization;

  5. Niyazov A.K. – head of the department “Art”.

In order to revise the documents selected for the competition, a Commission was approved from the following faculty.

  1. Balabekova D. B.

  2. Zhakipbekova B.A.

  3. Uteshova A. Zh.

The aforementioned composition of the commission was selected from among the teaching staff of the university, who expressed a desire to participate in the competition, from among the applicants who scored high points, based on the qualitative and quantitative indicators of evaluating the work of applicants for the title of “Best University Teacher”, the winners of the internal university competition. This is the teaching staff with over 25 years of scientific and pedagogical experience:

  1. Kylyshbaeva G.B.

  2. Zhanalieva R. N.

  3. Akylbaev M. I.

The winners of the intra-university competition were presented to the second stage of the republican competition and sent documents.

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