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Shymkent                                                                                                                                                    June 4, 2020
Round table opening
15.00-15.10Greeting Rector of the International University of Humanities and Technology, moderator of the Round Table, Ph.D., professorAzhidinov Akmaldin Sapardinovich
Economic security in turbulence (Economic section)
15.10-15.20Economic security and ways to overcome the crisis in the conditions of Covid-19 Dr Hab Janusz Soban (Academy of Jakub Sparadis, Poland)Pr, Dr Hab Joanna Rogozinska-Mitrut (Academy of Jakub Sparadisia, Poland)
15.20-15.30Economic risk management in turbulence Covid-19Dr, Eng. PhD Ruslana Selezneva (Ukrainian-American University “Concordia”, USA, Ukraine)
15.30-15.40Problems of international tourism in the conditions of Covid-19Mgr, doctoral student Konstantin Sapun (Free University of Varna, Bulgaria)
Problems of protecting public health in Covid-19 conditions (Medicine and health)
15.40-15.50Managing health facilities in a global pandemicPhD MD Worm Maria, Mgr, MD Sergey Worm (Vinnitsa National Medical University named after Nikolai Pirogov, Ukraine)
New realities of educational technologies in turbulence (Distance learning, pedagogy)
15.50-16.00New realities of modern higher education in a global pandemicMgr. Sapun Vladimir (International Academy of Ecology and Medicine, Kiev, Ukraine)
16.00-16.10Structures as internal factors of the formation and development of motivation in the learning process of studentsCandidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor G. Kylyshbaeva (International Humanitarian Technical University)
Information technology as an instrument of inclusive growth in turbulence (Informatics)
16.10-16.20Possibilities of modern telecommunication technologies in reforming medicinePhD, Anatoly Terenchuk (Vinnitsa National Medical University named after Nikolai Pirogov, Ukraine)
16.20-16.30Information and Communication TechnologyPh.D., Associate Professor Akylbaev M.I. (International Humanitarian Technical University)
Energy Security Challenges in a Global Pandemic
16.30-16.40Intelligent on-line transformer load monitoring system using SCADAVydmysh A.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of Department (VNAU, Ukraine)
16.40-16.50Tracking load schedules to optimize operating modes of energy sourcesStadnik N.I., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (VNAU, Ukraine)
16.50-17.00On-line monitoring of high voltage equipmentRubanenko A.E., Ph.D., professor (VNAU, Ukraine)
17.00-17.10System for additional backup of server power supply in conditions of hanged use of information channels during forced self-isolationVoznyak A.N., Ph.D., Associate Professor (VNAU, Ukraine)  
17.10-17.20Automatic Electromechanical Resonance Drives for Vibrating Technology MachinesYaroshenko L.V., Ph.D., Associate Professor (VNAU, Ukraine)  
17.20-17.30System for the early diagnosis of power electric machinesGraniak V.F., Ph.D., Associate Professor (VNAU, Ukraine)
17.30-17.40Creation of electrical insulating polymer coatings by gas-dynamic sprayingGaydamak O.L., Ph.D., Associate Professor (VNAU, Ukraine)
17.40-17.50Optimization of the work of electrical personnel in conditions of limitation of human contactsShtuts A.A., master, assistant (VNAU, Ukraine)  
17.50-18.00Ensuring uninterrupted operation of the electromechanical transport systemKolisnyk N.A., master, assistant (VNAU, Ukraine)  
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