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Dear colleagues,

           On April 910, 2020, VI International scientific and technical conference of undergraduate, graduate students and young scientists called «Creativity of youth for the innovative development of Kazakhstan» will take place at D. Serikbayev East-Kazakhstan state technical university, as part of the year of youth activities.

The conference program involves the following sessions: plenary (opening of the conference, keynote reports), break-out (reports of conference participants), final session and round table.

The conference work will be organized according to the following workshops:

  1. Innovation in architecture and construction;
  2. Economic and management problems of innovative development of society;
  3. Current problems of mining industry;
  4. Information and communication technologies in education, science and technology;
  5. Energetic and energy saving;
  6. Innovation in machine-building, transport and agroindustrial complex;
  7. The role of social and human sciences and foreign languages for the innovative process development;
  8. War science and Physical education.
  9. Round table dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev’s on the topic: “Abay’s invention – spiritual foundation”

Conference languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.


Main dates of the conference:

Registration of participants – from February 1, 2020;

Reception of conference materials – from February 1, 2020;

End of reception of conference materials – till March 1, 2020;

Payment of registration fee – till April 1, 2020;

Conference days – April 9-10, 2020.


In order to have your report involved in the conference program it is necessary to send an application form for the conference participation and report to Е-mаіl, or submit them to the Organizing Committee in electronic form and by the indicated telephone of the Organizing Committee, and to make sure that your materails had been received by the Organizing Committee. Application form and Organizing Committee address are attached. Application form and reports are to be received by the Organizing Committee not later than March 1, 2020. Application forms received later than the indicated period will not be considered, reports will not be published.

By the beginning of the conference work conference material proceeding will have been published. Authors of the reports involved in the conference program after the editorial board consideration will be sent the second information letter (invitation). The program of the conference work can be got before the beginning of the conference from workshop secretary.

Organization payment for the students of the university – conference establisher is 1500 tenge. Organization payment (including conference material proceeding sending) for students of other higher education institutions is 3500 tenge, and 3000 tenge for students of colleges and schools.

Organization payment should be paid to the operating account of D. Serikbayev East-Kazakhstan state technical university: 070010 Ust-Kamenogorsk, 19 Serikbayev St., TIN 181800000624, BIN 010440002379, code 16.

IBAN  KZ70914102203KZ000DL  branch of  «SBERBANK»,  JSK, Ust-Kamenogorsk,  BIC (SWIFT BIC) SABRKZKA 




Materials (in Russian, Kazakh and English) should give a clear picture of the nature, content and results of the author’s work. Name of the electronic version of the article should contain the author name, workshop number, indicated first in the article. An electronic version of the application form is “Name of the author – the application form” (Example: Ivanov-c1; Ivanov – z1). An electronic version of the article and the electronic version of the application form should be in two different files. ARTICLE AND APPLICATION FORM IN ONE FILE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

One and the same person can not be an author or co-author of more than two publications. The same teacher can not be the head of more than 2 students (publication of no more than 2 works with one head).

Volume of material should be no more than 5 pages of A4 format including figures and tables. The text should be typed in RTF text editor, font Times New Roman Cyr № 14, single-spaced, aligned to the width of the page and printed out on a laser printer. Page Setup: top field is 25 mm, and others are 20 mm.

____________________________________________________________________________________EXAMPLES OF FORMATTING

Universal decimal classification 669.1

Gelmanova Z.S. (02-IS-1), Ramazanov Z. К. (KarMetI)


Price is a tool of commercial policy of the company, which allows..


The text can not be edited and is the original. We draw your attention to the need to present a report carefully edited in compliance with all the above requirements.

The article is published in a proceeding in accordance with the decision of the editorial board.

Materials not formatted in accordance with the requirements will not be considered and will not be returned.

Application to participate in the conference

Family name______________________ First name________________ Father’s name________________


Organization, position, degree___________________________________________________________

Address (of the author/head)____________________________________________________________

Telephone (of the author/head)_____________________________ Fax/e-mail_____________________

Report theme _______________________________________________________________________


Date________                                            Signature

Application for participation in the conference, reports (formatted in accordance with applicable requirements, except for authors of our university), please, submit before  March 1, 2020 to the address: 070004, Ust-Kamenogorsk,. 69 Protazanov St, EKSTU. Telephones for more information: +7(7232) 26-91-68, 26-05-40, e-mail:  with the indication: for the student conference. MATERIALS SENT BY Bat and Messenger WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

The application for participation in the conference should specify the address, telephone number, cell phone number / Fax and E-mail of the author, head, to clarify disputable issues and address to send invitations and conference material proceedings.


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