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Distance education technology-training carried out with the use of information and communication technologies and telecommunication means with indirect (remote) or incomplete indirect interaction of the student and the teacher.

The law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 27 July 2007 No. 319-III

Education act No. 319. Chapter 1, Article 1, paragraph 38.

Network technologies-standard protocols necessary for the creation of computer networks, including educational materials, forms of interactive interaction of students with the teacher and with each other, as well as the management of the educational process based on the use of the Internet.

From 05-07. 11. 2019 on the topic “distance learning technologies in higher education” in Almaty

Advanced training courses for University teachers.

18.11.2019 the staff of the University of KSTU held a seminar on the topic: “distance learning technologies in the system of higher education” in Almaty, chief administrator of FBO dlimbetov Saken Serikovich.

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