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International University of Humanities and technology announces a competition for vacant positions of teaching staff in the following educational programs:

6B01101-Pedagogy and psychology-2-PhD;

6B01301-pedagogy and methods of primary education-1 doctor of science, 2 candidate of science;

6B01501-Mathematics -1 PhD;

6B01503-Biology-1-doctor of science; 1 candidate of science;

6B01702-foreign language: two foreign languages-2-PhD;

6B01703-Russian language and literature in schools with a non-Russian language of instruction-2 candidates of science;

6B02102-Design (architecture, advertising, clothing)- 4, 1 doctor of science;

6B04201-Law – 2-PhD;

6B06101-Computer science -1 PhD;

6B06102-information systems – 1 candidate.

6B06103-computer engineering and software-1 candidate.sciences’;

6B07501-Standardization and certification /by industry – 1 PhD.

To participate in the competition, you must submit the following documents to the competition Commission of the University::

application addressed to the rector.
Documents of higher education (notarized).
Diplomas of scientific titles (notarized).
List of scientific articles.
Characteristics from the last place of work.
Sanitary book.
Photos-4 PCs. (3×4).

documents for participation in the contest are accepted within 2 weeks from the date of publication of the ad.

Address: Shymkent, Baitursynov str., 80, room 209. Phone numbers 37-12-86, 37-12-87, 8-705-563-73-82.

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